League Basics

Each team may roster 16 players. Players can be any member of your club. No restrictions for players who play in any other league. However, if the spirit of the game is being jeopardized by the use of an inappropriate player, the Executive Board reserves the right to deny the use of that player. Players may only be rostered on one Lake Shore team. No player can be rostered at more than one club in the Lake Shore league. Rosters must be entered onto the website by Friday, June, 7 2019. 


Rostered subs* may be used in any match. A rostered sub is a person listed as a player on another Lake Shore team from your own club, provided that team is at an equal level or below. However, a player may not sub for any one team more than twice and no player is allowed to sub for a lower team. *Please note that the use of unrostered subs is no longer allowed. 

Host Team Responsibilities

The host team must call the visiting captain by 9pm on the Wednesday prior to the next Monday’s match. At this time, they MUST inform the visiting captain of the rain time and any dress restrictions. It is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the host team to secure rain courts. Indoor court play is 2 hours and can be between 9 am and 5 pm. If you have difficulty securing indoor courts for that time, please notify your flight chair and the Board will review any exception on a case-by-case basis. If the host team has not secured rain courts and did not advise the visitors by the Wednesday prior to the match, but rain courts are needed, the host team FORFEITS ALL POINTS. It is also the responsibility of the home team to have balls, drinking water, and restroom facilities readily available. A light lunch after the match is expected to allow for rest, fluid and nutrient replenishment and shade should be available should the heat/elements deem it necessary. 

Outdoor Play

There is no time limit. Teams receive a point for each set won. The first team to win two sets wins the match and will receive a bonus point. You are not allowed to play a third set if one team wins the first two sets. Any set can go to a tie-break at 6-6, including the third set, according to the Tie-Break format posted on the Lake Shore Tennis website. 

Indoor Play

All teams may only play two hours indoors. A 3rd set 10 point tiebreaker will be played in lieu of a full 3rd set indoors.  The host team must get indoor court time between 9 am and 5 pm. Warm-up is 10 minutes only. TIMED RULES will apply for  all indoor play.  Any game in progress at 15 minutes before match time ends, no ad scoring will ensue to finish match. Following completion of that game:  

A)  if a team has a 2 game lead, set over. 

B) if set score is 1 game differential, one more game is played no ad. 

       1. If team finishes 2 games ahead, set over. 

       2. If tied games, a 7 point set tie breaker is played for the set.

C) if sets are split 1-1 a 3rd set 10 point tie breaker is played. 

At 5 minutes to end of match:

A)   if a team is ahead 2 points set/match is complete.  If the score is a margin of 1 point, another point is played.  If no team is up by 2 and set is tied again a SUDDEN DEATH point is played to determine winner.  


Final Standings

There are no playoffs. The winner of each flight will move up to the next level and the lowest team in the flight standings at the end of the season will move down. If a team forfeits more than three courts during the season, the Board may take action as they see fit. 


USTA Tie-Break Formats

Tie-break Game (7 point)
The USTA Tie-break game (7 point) format shall be used in any set where the game score is tied at 6-6. During a tie-break game, points are scored "Zero", "1", "2", "3", etc. The first team to win seven points wins the "Game" and "Set", provided there is a margin of two points over the opponents. if necessary, the tie-break game shall continue until this margin is achieved. 

Serve and Side Guidelines
Beginning with the next Server in rotation and continuing in the same serve sequence as in the game. The first player, serves the first point from the Deuce side of the court, the next player serves the next two points, the first from the Ad side then the second from the Deuce side. Each player continues serving two points per turn. When the point total reaches six and each multiple of six, the players switch ends of the court. See details below: 

AB = Team 1

CD = Team 2 

  1. A serves the first point from the Deuce court;
  2. C serves points 2 and 3 from the Ad and Deuce courts respectively;
  3. B serves points 4 and 5 from the Ad and Deuce courts;
  4. D serves point 6 from the Ad court, then teams change sides;
  5. D serves point 7 from the Deuce court;
  6. A serves points 8 and 9 from the Ad and Deuce courts;
  7. C serves points 10 and 11 from the Ad and Deuce courts;
  8. B serves point 12 from the Ad court, then teams change sides;
  9. B serves point 13 from the Deuce court;
  10. D serves points 14 and 15 from the Ad and Deuce courts;
  11. Pattern continues until a team reaches the number of winning points required, with a two point margin over the opponent.


The team who served the first point in the Tie-Breaker receives the first point of the next set.