Executive Committee Duties & Responsibilities
  • Oversees Board
  • Schedules and presides over Board meetings
  • Discusses issues and arbitrates with Board over disputes
  • Appoints Flight Chairpersons
  • Creates/sends/receives Registration Forms and informational letters to team captains/club representatives in late January or early February
  • Creates Flight Organizational Chart
  • Receives club/team requests for League entrance
  • Replaces teams prior to start of season, if necessary
  • Revises/updates Bylaws with Board when necessary
  • Works with Secretary on the updating of forms, compiling of information and distribution of folders for Board Members and Team Captains
  • Responsible for the annual update of: Directory, Flight Organizational Chart and Registration Form


Vice President
  • Assists President at Board meetings, stands in for President, if absent
  • Schedules all matches and challenges for season
  • Responsible for match play and interpretation of rules (with Board)
  • Responsible for the annual update of Schedule of Play
  • Maintains and updates League forms on computer
  • Prepares and distributes folders to Board Members and Team Captains
  • Works with Website person to keep it current
  • Responsible for all League mailings
  • Collects rosters from Flight Chairpersons and works with Flight Chairpersons to determine player/team eligibility
  • Records weekly scores of each flight and keeps current standings
  • Compiles final standings at end of season, establishing winners of each flight and working with Treasurer to award trophies
  • Responsible for the annual update of: List of Team Captains, Bylaws (if revised), Final Standings and any revised forms


  • Responsible for all banking duties, including updating bank signature cards
  • Handles all League finances and keeps books
  • Collect team registration fees and deposit on a timely basis
  • Calls or sends reminder letter to teams whose registrations have not been received by deadline
  • Works with Secretary to determine winners of each flight
  • Orders and delivers trophies
  • Responsible for: Treasurer’s Report at beginning and end of season