Flight Chair Duties & Responsibilities
  1. Meet with Executive Board to receive folders and instructions.
  2. Review all information inside folder and on-line and familiarize yourself with rules and policies, especially LSWTL By-Laws.
  3. Contact Captains for preseason meeting. Contact club to find current captain information if not received.
  4. At the Captain’s meeting:
    1. distribute folders and review contents with captains. Explain how Captains can input rosters on the website until the Friday before the first match.
    2. Review Team Captain Duties, Bylaws and League deadlines, emphasizing to each Captain the importance of knowing the League rules and their duties. The Captains are expected to know the rules.
  5. Make sure captains have input rosters by the deadline.
  6. Host team captains should text, fax, telephone or email scoresheets immediately following their match. Have the captains hold onto the hard copies of their scoresheets until the end of the season.
  7. Call the host team captain by 5 pm Monday afternoon if they have not called in or sent their scores to you. Input scores onto the website no later than 10:00 pm each Monday night.
  8. Upon receipt of scoresheets from team captains, verify rosters. Check to see that previous Court 1 players have not subsequently played Court 3 and place an asterisk by the name of all Court 1 players on the website.
  9. Record and track names of all substitutes who are “cross subbing” or “subbing up”. Each substitute must be an eligible player according to the by-laws and can only play a maximum of 2 times on that team.
  10. Be available to answer questions and help resolve any problems that may arise in your flight.
  11. If problems or issues arise that you are unable to resolve according to the by-laws and/or USTA Rules, direct them to the president.
  12. After final point tabulation at the end of the season, submit a typed list of winning team members to the Treasurer. CHECK SPELLING!
  13. Attend post season Board meeting and submit all problems, issues and suggestions to the President.