Team Captain Duties & Responsibilities
  1. Meet with your Flight Chairwoman before the beginning of the season. 
  2. Review all information inside your folder and on-line and familiarize yourself with LSWTL rules and policies, especially the by-laws.
  3. It is your responsibility to input your team’s roster onto the League website as soon as possible and no later than FRIDAY BEFORE FIRST MATCH. Remember that each team in the League must have a minimum of seven and a maximum of sixteen players. No changes to the rosters will be allowed after this date.
  4. As early as possible, arrange for alternate indoor courts on your host days in the event of inclement weather. If alternate courts are used, all players split the cost. IT IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE HOST TEAM TO SECURE INDOOR COURTS FOR TWO HOURS. IF NOT DONE AND INDOOR COURTS ARE REQUIRED, HOST TEAM FORFEITS ALL NINE POINTS. The window for rain courts is 9 am to 5 pm.
  5. Explain League rules and policies to team members. Make team aware that LSWTL Board Members, Flight Organizational Chart, Schedule of Play and By-Laws are available online at
  6. If you are the Host team:
    1. Call the visiting team captain by the Wednesday prior to the match to make any necessary arrangements, communicate any dress code restrictions and review inclement weather arrangements should they be necessary. This is a courtesy call and is your responsibility. An email is NOT sufficient notice unless you receive a reply;
    2. Provide new balls for play on all courts;
    3. Ensure that restrooms are available on premises;
    4. Provide water and towels on each court as well as post match refreshments;
    5. Exchange lineups simultaneously with the other team captain or her designee before any warm up period;
    6. Record scores on scoresheets and have both captains or designees sign. Note that if a team member has played court 1 previously, an asterisk should be placed next to her name on the scoresheet;
    7. Text, fax or email match results for each court, including players names and their set scores, to your Flight Chairwoman immediately following the match and no later than 3 pm on match day ( 5 pm if played indoors);
    8. Keep original scoresheets until the end of the season.
  7. Team captain or designated player shall be present at all matches with a copy of the current LSWTL By-Laws, USTA Tie-Break guidelines and USTA Rules of Tennis. It is the Team Captain’s responsibility to know the rules.
  8. Relay problems, suggestions and/or complaints to your Flight Chairwoman.
  9. If your team wins its flight, send a typed list of team members’ names to your Flight Chairwoman (to appear on the plaque), indicating the team captain.
  10. Last, but not least, thank you for your participation in the League. Good luck and have fun!